Design Brief

Having conducted lots of research on the M-Shed it was time for us to start working on creating a design brief. We met and started discussing our ideas and working on a draft document together to make sure we had these main points covered:

  • A succinct project summary to make sure we are all on the same page
  • Look at the current situation in the M-Shed
  • Think about why our project is needed and what we hope to achieve
  • What is the problem we are trying to solve?
  • Who will our project impact upon?
  • What are the constraints? How will budgets, ethics etc impact our project?
  • How detailed do we want our final prototype to be?
  • What is our project schedule?

We conducted research into popular museums around the world and what interactive features they have. What museums we had personally enjoyed visiting in the past to see if we could incorporate what we had experienced into enhancing our project. We began looking into various technologies that we could imagine utilising while keeping in mind their cost and efficiency. As well as this we then discussed meeting again with all of these questions to re-visit the M-Shed to gather more research, and to see if we could find a space that our project would unobtrusively fit into.


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