Second Prototype

Following our insights from our initial protoype building and bodystorming we decided to make some changes to our design. We felt that we needed to strengthen the connection between the M-Shed and the graffiti in the city. During our research trip to St. Werburghs we fell in love with the collaborative spirit of the tunnel and realised that being able to represent this within the museum would be perfect. After coming together to discuss how to achieve this we decided to use a live two-way projection to give an immersive experience to visitors. In order to achieve this we decided to create a representational tunnel within the M-Shed.


We then mocked up the St. Werburghs tunnel and acted out how the interface would work using cameras to record 360 footage on the inside of the tunnel to be projected into the representational tunnel inside M-Shed. This means that visitors would be able to leave their mark inside the tunnel without disrupting the hard work of the graffiti artists working on the real tunnel.

To make sure that we had fully planned out exactly how the installation would work we created a diagram of how it will work when in the museum.



We quickly realised that having projectors inside of the tunnel would not work as shadows would be cast by visitors. This would make it impossible to see the art and educational content on the wall.





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