Initial Prototyping

Lo-fi Prototype

Over the past few weeks all of us have been researching what different technologies we could use to eventually implement our final design. We settled upon the digital graffiti wall as it gives the option to add on screen educational/teaching elements, graffiti creation and has the group participation element that we wanted.

We each gathered up lots of craft supplies and met to start building a low-fidelity prototype. Before getting started we listed out our user and design requirements to make sure that we had them to refer to as we start to develop the physical interface.



In order to test our prototype we chose someone unfamiliar with the project to bodystorm using it. With no instruction they instinctively picked up the spray can and started using the attached pen to draw on the graffiti wall. They then pressed the button to send their signature and drawing to the social media account. This interaction was wonderful as it showed our interface felt natural and did not need instructions.

One important insight was that our tester felt the prototype was ‘cool’ but did not feel innovative as the hardware to do this already exists. This gave us the opportunity to take a step back from the project and think about how we could both educate museum visitors while providing a connection to Bristol.


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