Thematic Analysis of Qualitative Research

As a group we met to conduct a thematic analysis of our findings from the previous week’s visit to the M-Shed. We did this by setting a timer and allowing each group member to talk without interruption for a set amount of time about their thoughts and ideas. While they did this the other members of the group sat and furiously wrote down anything that stood out as important or interesting onto post-it notes.

Once each person had been given time to speak we stacked all of our note fragments and insights together to begin sorting and grouping them based on similarity.

We ended up with the four categories below:

  1. Technologies
  2. Space
  3. People
  4. Context

This exercise was helpful because it gave us the opportunity to start to sort through the jumble of ideas and potential design solutions we had been working on over the week. It gave each person the opportunity to add their own opinions and make sure that everyone was on the same page.

Once we had grouped our findings we were able to start to assign codes that would help us to focus on what areas were most important. This will be helpful for us to refer back to as we start to solidify our ideas and create a design brief to make sure that we are working towards creating solutions that are relevant.

As a result of our thematic analysis we started to form some ideas as a group. We were each interested in showing the rich political history of Bristol graffiti as well as having people be able to interact and contribute their own artworks and opinions. We also wanted to prompt a discussion on how people feel about graffiti as a form of self expression and social change.

With this in mind we started to discuss what technologies we could implement that would fit the museum space, the target audience and how it would fit in the wider context of the rest of the museum.


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