M-Shed Visit

The M-Shed museum houses many different exhibits depicting the rich cultural history of Bristol. As a design collective we have been tasked with creating an interactive piece to help encourage people to learn more about the city.

We spent the day at the museum and took photos and notes of all of the various models, historical pieces and digital displays. We were also given given a behind the scenes tour to learn about the history of the museum. As well as a talk from the head of digital design for the museum to learn what direction they want to take in their plans for future digital exhibitions.


Once we had gathered data we decided to pool together our individual findings to start working on our ideas and research as a team!


We made a list of what things in the museum worked well and why. Like the wide range of interesting content and rich depictions of both old and new Bristol. However we felt that much of the technical implementation was dated and there are some brilliant topics of Bristol’s culture and history that were only briefly touched upon. A few of the things we wanted to see more of was the history of music, cultural and political movements, and the vibrant art and graffiti scene.


Having some ideas and research topics planned out we decided to start thinking about our target audience, the museum’s needs (cheap, long lasting, space saving, easy to maintain hardware) and what innovative interactive pieces we could realistically implement.



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